Everything we do

We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking and acting differently. The way we understand innovation is by working with you in a beautifully designed manner, careful, creative and tailored to your needs.

We just happen to be the best at what we do because we do it for a reason: growing together with you.

Who are we?

We are an alliance of talented humans dedicated to grow and make the most of every second we spend on this planet. We are young enterpreneurs passionate about new technologies, products, services, you name it, that will help us grow together with you.

We are engineers, business developers, innovation travellers with unique multi-angle perspectives and a common ambition: make you succeed worldwide.

Talenther is the innovation platform...

…for the most disruptive European startups and promising SMEs.

We offer innovation consultancy services focused on fundraising, commercialization strategies and new product development.

What we do
and why we do it

Attract innovation grants to finalise your product and bring it to the market (H2020, national funding)

Attract investors and venture capital

Network with potential partners for your projects

Build solid business models to fuel your international growth to access to international commercial channels

Connect to top global talent

We DELIVER success...

…in getting the support from the EU SME Instrument program to fund innovation and bring outstanding products and business to international markets.

We work closely with the most promising high-tech startups in Europe. Our network of investors has privileged access to early-stage and grown-up startups that are on their way to obtaining public funding or VC.

Working alongside entrepreneurs, we get to deeply understand their business models, tech capacities and commercial channels and are able to match them with the right type of investors.

Drop us an e-mail if you are a Business Angel interested in gaining access to the most disruptive European startups or a VC aiming to work with growth-stage companies.

Boutique for startups

Our core capability is focused on fundraising from public as well as private investors. However, we will not only do that but much more:

· We love designing, sketching and strategizing.
· We enjoy pitching in front of investors as well as delivering the best quality funding proposals.
· We help startups find clients and partners from our extensive network of contacts or external sources.
· We can find the best talent in Europe, including experienced managers, seasoned advisors and skilled engineers.

Success cases

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